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Lytham Town Trust

     The Trust is a registered charity (No. 1000098) and was established, in 1990, with the broad objects of the preservation and protection of all buildings of architectural or historic interest in Lytham and the provision of facilities for the community.

     The Trust's first project was to lease from Fylde Borough Council the developed former Baths, Theatre and Assembly Rooms of 1862, originally the property of the Clifton family of Lytham Hall, to manage the remaining Assembly Rooms. When the Hall itself came on the market in 1996 the Trust faced its biggest challenge, but a gift of £1 million from British Aerospace ensured its purchase, together with 78 acres of surrounding Parkland. This project has been the Trust's main concern for the last decade and has attracted other partners, notably the Heritage Trust for the North West, which, in 1998, took over the management of Lytham Hall on a 99 year lease.

     The two trusts work closely together through the Lytham Hall Executive, which comprises two Trustees from each Trust. The lease is a partnership; one of the principal clauses states that the Town Trust will use its best endeavours to raise funds for the Hall and Parkland. So far Lytham Town Trust has: "
  • Created an Endowment Fund, the annual interest from which (approximately £40,000) is given to HTNW towards the running costs.
  • Supported a number of small capital projects aimed at generating income e.g. the West Wing Conference Centre costing £250,000.
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     Lytham Town Trust's main focus now is to support the £4.26 million refurbishment and restoration of the Hall and Parkland. The Town Trust will be donating £100,000 from its own funds, and is helping with an Appeal to the local community for further sponsorships and donations. The Trustees are delighted to have received a grant of £2.44 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund and further support from Fylde Borough Council and many other partners.

     In addition to the restoration project the Trust is supporting a 5-year Activities Programme costing £1.5 million which will be launched later in 2013, and which is also part of the Heritage Lottery Fund grant.

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More information can be obtained from other local charity organisations involved in supporting the community.

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Heritage Trust for the North West - manages a number of properties, including Lytham Hall.
Friends of Lytham Hall - raises funds for capital projects at the Hall and provides volunteers for various activities.
Lytham Heritage Group - collects and preserves historical documents relating to the town, owns and manages the Heritage Centre, with monthly exhibitions throughout the year, and organises and mans the Windmill Museum in the summer months.
Lytham St Annes Civic Society - primarily concerned with preservation and improvement of the local built environment but also owns and manages Witch Wood, a 1km woodland walk between Lytham and Ansdell